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Ten ways to move more


Most of us need a reminder to move more and sit less. See if you can take some time out of your day to try some of these ideas:

  1. When your family is watching TV, get up during ad breaks and stretch, walk on the spot, dance or even just jump around. Do anything that gets your body moving.

  2. Try these fun picnic blanket games at your local park or in your backyard.

  3. See how long your family can keep a ball, toy or balloon in the air, using your hands or feet to pass it to each other.

  4. Have you tried our weekend activity challenge? See how many your family can cross off the list.

  5. Before or after dinner, head out for a family walk around the block. This is a good chance to catch up with each other and let the little ones burn off some extra energy.

  6. If the weather’s not great outside, play our indoor dice game! See who can slither like a snake, scratch like a monkey or climb like a koala. Ask your kids to have a go at making up their own animal moves.

  7. Do you remember playing hopscotch in your driveway or backyard? Buy some chalk to draw your hopscotch game at home – kids (and adults!) still love to play.

  8. Take a walk to your local shops and see if you can spot different things along the way.

  9. Teach your kids a game that you played when you were a child – how about What’s the Time Mr Wolf, hide-and-seek or musical chairs?

  10. Play your favourite tunes and dance, dance, dance!

No matter how you move your body, have fun and try to do something every day.

Young child playing with bubbles with mother