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Sugar Swap Challenge a great way to detox after too much Easter choc


With Easter now over, there is no better time to reconsider your sugar intake by signing up to the Sugar Swap Challenge launched by Assistant Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris today.

The Sugar Swap Challenge, which is part of the ACT Government’s Good Habits for Life campaign, encourages families with children aged eight and under to recognise added sugar in their food and drinks, and to ‘swap them out’ for healthier options over the month of April.

“If the Easter Bunny was a bit too generous this year and you perhaps need a bit of a break from the sweet stuff, why not give the Sugar Swap Challenge a go?

“The Sugar Swap Challenge is simply about raising awareness of too much added sugar, and the benefits of eating a balanced diet and being active.

“By registering for the Sugar Swap Challenge, families get access to tools and ideas that support healthy choices. It can be as simple as challenging each other to choose healthier snacks, cereals and drinks over April, and hopefully you feel so much better by the end of it that you’ll choose healthier food and drinks for good,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Almost two thirds of Canberra’s adults and approximately one in four children are overweight or obese. 

Almost half (49 per cent) of children in the ACT consume soft drink, cordial or sports drinks every week, with 20 per cent drinking six or more cups per week.

 “As a mum to three young kids, I know it can be tough to monitor all the sugar kids consume. The good thing about the Sugar Swap Challenge is that it has some simple, practical ideas for how to be a bit more healthy.

 “Often a little push is all it takes, and I’d encourage other families to register for the challenge, and see the difference small changes can make.”

ACT Health is committed to supporting parents to role model healthy habits for their children through three core behaviours of eating well, moving more and connecting with those around them.  The Good Habits for Life website links parents to useful tips, recipes and supporting programs including Fresh Tastes: healthy food at school; Kids at Play: Active Play; Active Streets; and Ride or Walk to School. 

 “The Good Habits for Life website is a great resource with loads of ideas and recipes that you can access for free to help your family live a healthier lifestyle,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Illustration of family swapping chocolate for yoghurt and berries