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Useful resources

Let’s get cooking in class!

These handy links and resources will help you get started with some basic cooking in the classroom.

"I'm Alert" Online Food Safety TrainingI'm Alert is a 40-50 minute free online food safety training package provided by ACT Health. It’s a great introduction for teachers and volunteers who need a basic understanding of safe food handling practices. A certificate is issued on completion of training.

Health Protection Service, ACT Health: Food preparation and storage needs to comply with national and ACT legislative food handling practices. There is also a  factsheet available about the use of eggs and fresh produce in schools.

Australian Dietary Guidelines:  On this website, Eat for Health, you’ll find the official guidelines around the amount and kinds of foods we need to eat for health and wellbeing. 

Fresh for Kids:  These fantastic recipe cards and lunchbox ideas developed by Sydney Markets can be sent home to parents and carers, discussed in class, or used in hands-on cooking activities. 

Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Australia:  This website from the famous TV Chef and crusader for healthier school meals features free recipes and resources for schools.

Nutrition Australia:  This website includes a range of fact sheets and recipes to help schools promote children’s health.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation:  The Foundation’s resources, ‘Tools for Teachers’ include units, lesson plans, and activity starters linked to the Australian Curriculum. Fresh Tastes schools receive a free set of the books.

Some worthwhile international websites

Some of the information found on any of the international websites listed below may differ from the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Curriculum. However, these sites provide a range of resources which may still be useful to schools.

You can apply the traffic light system in the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines to make informed decisions about recipes and activities appropriate for your school setting.

The Edible School Yard:  This United States project allows you to select the type of lesson, curriculum area and year level. It then searches a database to come up with lesson plans submitted by real working teachers. 

Nourish Interactive:  This website from the United States offers advice for running cooking classes at school, with plenty of lesson plans, recipes and ideas.

SparkleBox:  This website from the United Kingdom (UK) has a wide range of free primary school teaching resources.

Food for Life Partnership: This initiative from the UK offers online resources for cooking classes in schools. 

Children’s Food Trust UK is another UK initiative offering resources and tools