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Canteen Support

School canteens in Canberra today must follow the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. If your school canteen needs to move to a healthier menu to make sure it meets the Guidelines, you’ll find plenty of support available.

If your canteen or school would like to access the poster and sticker templates for healthy choice messaging please email

Check out what support is available for your canteen through Fresh Tastes.

Menu assessments

All public school canteens can have their menu assessed for free by qualified nutrition experts at the ACT Nutrition Support ServiceThey’ll offer advice on how to ‘green up’ your menu with healthy options classified by the ‘traffic light’ system. ACT public school canteens need to have their menu assessed to meet the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy.

Contact the ACT Nutrition Support Service to ask about your canteen menu assessment.

Go for Green

Go for Green guide is available for school canteen managers and teachers to ensure food and drink choices at school meet relevant School Food and Drink Policies and the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines (NHSCG).  It’s the perfect ‘how to’ guide for the Traffic Light System.

Canteen support and advice

The following organisations offer ongoing help in maintaining a more health-conscious canteen.

ACT Nutrition Support Service:  Canteens can access free, ongoing advice and support from ACT Nutrition Support Service delivered by Nutrition Australia ACT. Advice includes menu ideas, recipes and recommendations for suitable products to meet the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines and ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015.

Subscribe to the ACT Nutrition Support Service email list to receive news and events relevant to ACT schools and canteens. For more information call 02 6162 2583 or email.

Healthy Kids Association:  All ACT school canteens can be members of the Healthy Kids Association for free (funded by ACT Government). Members can access recipe assessments, menu help, newsletters, business consultations, business support workshops, the Healthy Kids School Canteen Buyers’ Guide and ongoing phone and email support.

Contact the Healthy Kids Association to organise free membership for your canteen or school.

YMCA of Canberra:  YMCA's Nutri-Y’s Food Service project is supporting schools and school canteens to provide viable, sustainable food services, which meet the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines. The project will run through 2016-2018 and is funded, under ACT Health - Healthy Canberra Grants. Contact YMCA of Canberra if your school would like to get involved. Note that intake numbers are limited each year.

Buying power

Tom’s Superfruits offers Fresh Tastes school canteens wholesale discounts for fresh fruit and veg.  Why not become a Fresh Tastes school and enjoy the savings.

If you’re a P&C canteen, you can sign up to NSWBuy, to buy canteen supplies at government prices. To join NSWBuy, head to the ACT Council of P&C Associations website.