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How well do you know your neighbours?


It’s good for our wellbeing to build connections within our local community. And that often starts with our closest neighbours and the people we encounter everyday – on the bus, at the local shops, and at school or childcare.

Teaching kids to get into life and make new friends is a good habit for life. You can model the importance of fostering friendships within your community simply by saying G’day.

You could also:

  • Chat with the neighbours while you’re out gardening or walking around the street.
  • Put a neighbour’s bin away if you notice they have gone away.
  • Offer to walk or feed a neighbour’s pet if they’re going away.
  • Check in with elderly neighbours or relatives regularly – a quick phone call or visit can be all that is needed to make a big difference to someone else’s day.
  • Invite the neighbour’s children to play in the backyard with your own kids.
  • Catch up with your own friends regularly for adult conversation – fostering friendships even when you’re busy is important.

Being part of a strong network or community is good for your wellbeing and a great way to teach your kids the value of connecting with others.

Children climbing fence