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How to get your kids moving more with active play!


Active play helps babies and children to move more and develop a lifelong habit of regular physical activity. It can also help them learn essential life skills like teamwork and communication.

Try these tips to get your kids playing more:

  • Turn off the screens and do something as a family instead! Have you tried the suburb scavenger hunt yet? Or how about the indoor dice game? See who can hop like a frog the longest.
  • Make play time about being together as a family. It can be as easy as a game of tug-o-war using a picnic blanket or old towel or drawing a game of hopscotch on the cement. Check out our weekend activity challenge for more ideas.
  • Keep trying new things. Even if you tried something new together that the kids didn’t enjoy, try it again another time. Don’t be put off by setbacks. Keep playing.

“We want our kids to be getting 60 minutes* of physical activity each day for good health,” says Dr Paul Kelly, the ACT’s Chief Health Officer. “Playing together as a family is a great way for kids to move more and make physical activity a normal part of their lives now and in the future”.

Just remember - breaking active play into chunks of time throughout the day is just as good as doing it in one go. You could ride or walk to school together, kick the footy for 20 minutes in the afternoon, or slot in 20 minutes of building an indoor cubby before dinner. Work out what suits you and your kids the best.

Need more inspiration?

We’ve put together a list of many free and low-cost activities on offer around Canberra. Explore a local skate park or climb on the National Arboretum’s playground. These are just two of the ideas on our 30 ways to get into life and move more guide.

Mum and kids playing on a swing