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Avoid sugary drinks

Drinks such as cordial, soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice drinks and flavoured mineral waters, all contain a lot of sugar and kilojoules.

Pure fruit juice also contains a lot of sugar. And even though it’s a natural sugar rather than refined sugar, it still represents a significant number of kilojoules. So it’s always best to save these kinds of drinks for special occasions.

If your kids regularly consume sugary drinks, they can face health issues such as:

  • excessive weight gain

  • tooth decay

  • reduced appetite, fussy eating and a diet lacking in balance

  • nutrient deficiencies, and

  • loose bowel motions or diarrhoea, which may result in a loss of energy and/or nutrient depletion

Why fruit beats fruit juice

Eating whole fruit is always better for children than consuming pure fruit juice or fruit juice drinks. Whole fruit contains both vitamins and fibre, and is more filling than juice. So when your kids eat whole fruits, they’re getting less sugar, and at the same time, more nutritional benefit.