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Five great reasons to eat with the seasons


Eating fresh fruit and veggies with the seasons is a smart way to eat well.

Here are our top five reasons to get your family eating delicious winter produce.

1. It guides your meal planning. Instead of wondering what you’ll cook for dinner each night, you can pre-plan and create your shopping list around the produce you know will be available. Try teaming seasonal vegetables with fresh meats for scrumptious meals the whole family can enjoy. Check out our recipes for more ideas.

2. Buying seasonal produce can be kind to your wallet. When in-season fruit and vegetables are stocked, there are plenty of them available so prices tend to go down.

3. Seasonal veggies and fruit taste great. They’re also full of nutritional goodness because they haven’t been stored for weeks. When you pack fruit for the kids during winter consider pears, mandarins and kiwi fruit.

4. They’re more likely to be grown locally. If they’re seasonally grown, they can be sourced locally. Perhaps you can even grow them in your own backyard – now that’s local!

5. A good excuse to try new things each season. When fruit and veggies are fresh and cheap, you’re more likely to grab new options for younger children to try. This can help them explore new textures and tastes.

For this winter, we’ve put together a list of seasonal fruit and vegies in Canberra for added inspiration.