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Beat the chill with indoor play


The winter chill has now well and truly hit our city. And when it’s dreary and freezing outside, it can be difficult to drag ourselves away from the warmth to get active.

So if you and your family feel like hibernating, try these ideas for indoor activities to keep the whole family moving.

  • Get moving. The Kids at Play: Active Play videos have some great ideas on how you can encourage and participate with your young kids in indoor, active play experiences and activities.
  • Get active while reading with your kids. Read out loud and then take turns acting out parts of the story. If a character is running, you could each run on the spot or around the house.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course. Use cushions, furniture and toys. Set up star-jumping, rolling challenges or get everyone walking, hopping or crawling their way through the course.
  • Roll and move. Print out and make our great dice game. You can all have a laugh as you waddle like a duck or slither like a snake. Add your own unique challenges to make it even more fun!
  • Start a competition. In one-minute bursts, see how many jumps you can each do. Create a spreadsheet to record times for each member of your family. Then see if you can beat your best time week after week.
  • Hula or limbo. Make some space to hula-hoop or limbo together. Put on some music to get the mini-party started!
  • Balloon tennis. Blow up a balloon and take it in turns to hit it back and forth. If you want to get crafty you can make a racquet with a ruler and paper plate.

There are plenty of other ways to move more. Whether you stay indoors or venture out, try to include physical activity into your family's daily life. It will help you all on your way to more energy and a better night's sleep.

Boy playing with a balloon