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Growing Food

We’ve put together the following links and resources to offer support for teaching students how to grow food at school.

The sunshine is making your school more sustainable. Today, you’ll find solar panels installed at every ACT public school. The excess energy generated by these panels earns the schools an income, as part of the ACT Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme. Schools re-invest this money into further sustainability efforts, such as setting up a sustainable food garden. To learn more, contact Schools Capital Works on 02 6207 8364.

Actsmart SchoolsActsmart is a specialised free program which can support schools in how to set up or maintain school kitchen gardens with links to the classroom and can help Fresh Tastes schools achieve their growing food goals.

Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS)COGS is a group of Canberra gardeners dedicated to growing organic fruit and vegetables, either in backyards or community gardens. On their website you’ll find handy information on gardening in the Canberra region, including a terrific section on what grows best in Canberra’s different seasons. 

Primary Connections:  Fully linked to the Australian Curriculum: Science, the Primary Connections ‘Watch it Grow!’ and ‘Plants in Action’ units will create a sense of wonder in students and an appreciation of plants as they investigate the process of germination, the stages in a plant’s life cycle and the things plants need for growth. 

Australian Organic Schools:  Australian Organic Schools is a free online education program that doesn’t just help the teachers and students at Australian Schools set up a garden – it teaches them the necessary food-growing knowledge and skills they’ll need to make the most of their new garden.

Kitchen Gardens:  This website offers some brilliant tools and ideas for teachers and students looking to grow and cook their own food. 

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation:  The Foundation’s resources ‘Tools for Teachers’ include units, lesson plans and activity starters linked to the Australian Curriculum. The good news is that Fresh Tastes schools can receive their own set of these books for free.

Get fundraising!  For some great activities that let kids sell vegetable or plant growing kits, check out the following websites.  

Living Fundraisers

Bulbs Direct

Garden express