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Active streets creates good habits


Getting to and from school provides the perfect opportunity for kids (and adults) to move more.

Cycling, walking, scootering or skating to school – instead of taking the car – are simple ways to incorporate physical activity into our everyday lives.

On 20 May, it’s Walk Safely to School Day. This is an annual, national event when all primary school kids are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school.

Consider using this day to refresh your own school drop off and pick up routine. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Check out the most direct and safest riding or walking route to school on Google Maps.
  • Talk as a family about the best days of the week for walking or riding to fit in with work and sport commitments.
  • Organise to meet friends or neighbours along the way.
  • Drive part of the way, then park and walk the rest – this has the added benefit of reducing school zone congestion and parking frustration!
  • Coordinate drop off or pick up with friends or neighbours so you can take turns walking with a group of children on different days.
  • Have a look at these great checklists to help you decide if your child is ready for independent travel.
  • Visit the Physical Activity Foundation website to check out Ride or Walk to School program resources. This program is supported by ACT Health.

Did you know?

Active Streets is a program being piloted in four Belconnen schools to trial changes to existing roads and footpaths. The changes include dragon’s teeth (a series of triangular road markings), 30 km/h speed limits, parking improvements and children’s crossing. Popular path networks have also been marked with Active Streets icons which identify how far and how long students have until they reach their school. It will make getting to and from school easier for kids. Is your school involved? Find out on our Active Streets page.