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Click for tips to help you move more

Looking for a healthier way to raise money for your school?

The Active Schools Challenge is a fun, easy way to raise funds for your school and help move a generation. The Challenge encourages kids to get moving for at least 60 minutes a day throughout Active August. Once kids sign up, friends and family can sponsor them to get moving every day during Active August. Then 75% of the funds raised go back to the school.

For more information, check out the Active Schools Challenge website.

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Children act like we act

Let's teach them good habits instead

When you make time to play together as a family, visit friends or make new ones, or just get out there and be part of the community, you and your family will get more out of life.  And by getting out there with your kids and showing them what’s possible, they’ll be learning valuable social skills for their lives ahead while you’ll all be benefitting your health at the same time. To get started, try some of our tips and challenges.

Remember – when we love life, they will too.

Click for tips to help you move more

Let's teach them good habits instead

Not only is being active together as a family a whole lot of fun, it’s also helping to make physical activity a normal part of your kids’ lives, both now and in the future. So why not try some of our great tips and challenges to keep your family active, healthy and having fun?

Remember – when we move more, they will too.

Let’s teach them good habits instead

Let's teach them good habits instead

When you encourage your kids to eat fresh, nutritious food, you’re not just benefiting their health right now – you’re teaching them good eating habits that will keep them healthy and happy throughout their lives. So try these handy tipsrecipes and challenges to make it easier to keep your family eating well.

Remember – when we eat well, they will too.