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Your school and Fresh Tastes

Fresh Tastes is a free ACT Government service that’s supporting ACT schools make healthy food and drinks a bigger part of everyday life for Canberra’s kids. 

The good news is, all ACT preschools, early childhood schools and primary schools can access the Fresh Tastes service. High schools and colleges can access support and resources that will provide healthy food and drinks for sale and teach students about nutrition.

Many of Canberra’s schools are already promoting healthy food and drink choices, teaching students about nutrition, adding more healthy options to their canteen menus, and giving students hands-on food growing and cooking experiences. Fresh Tastes can help build on these and other activities.

Every term sees more and more schools getting on board, and enjoying the benefits of Fresh Tastes.  To find out if your school is participating check the list of active Fresh Tastes schools.  If your school isn’t involved, but you’d like it to be, talk to your school’s staff, or contact Fresh Tastes.

To discover what Fresh Tastes is all about, check out this 4-minute video.

The Fresh Tastes Service

What is Fresh Tastes all about?

  • Looking beyond the canteen to support a whole school’s approach to healthy food and drink choices
  • Allowing schools to set their own goals
  • Aligning with existing school priorities and activities
  • Getting the school community behind the changes
  • Building on strengths and taking small steps
  • Taking a shared leadership approach

What will your school get from Fresh Tastes?

Schools with students from preschool to Year 6 can:

  • Access support from Fresh Tastes for three years
  • Access financial grants to deliver activities that promote change
  • Access a range of discounted services, resources and incentives offered by Fresh Tastes partners 
  • Take part in networking events to share information and ideas
  • Focus on and improve one or two action areas each year. Public schools are encouraged to start with Classroom Learning and Food for Sale to help implement the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy and the Australian Curriculum.
  • Participate in an annual planning workshop run by the Fresh Tastes team
  • Enjoy a members' only section of the website featuring exclusive promotional resources, school newsletter content and more.

Action Areas

Fresh Tastes will guide your school towards positive change by offering a range of complementary action areas for staff, students and families to focus on. These action areas are: