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Useful resources

Food from Home

The Food from Home action area is about supporting and encouraging families and children to pack healthy school lunchboxes.

ACT Health has an excellent range of Tuckatalk fact sheets on child nutrition, including lunch box ideas and healthy snacks.  

The NSW Government Healthy Kids website has some great lunchbox ideas and links to many more lunchbox resources from government and community organisations. You may like to include some of these links in a newsletter to parents/carers. 

The NSW organisation Healthy Kids Association has great tips and tools for healthy school lunchboxes. There are good handouts which you can print out to send home to parents/carers for children at different year levels. 

Nude Food Day: Your school can participate in the nude food day event to promote unpackaged foods in lunchboxes. The event is usually run in October. Check out the website to see when it is being held this year. 

Sydney Markets has developed Fresh For Kids resources, including recipes and lunchbox ideas, which can be sent home to families, discussed in class, or used fpr hands on cooking activities.

The Raising Children Network Australian parenting website has information about nutrition and fitness for children of all age groups.

The Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation provides a range of resources for Koori families about suitable nutrition for children. 

The Food Smart Schools program provides resources and services for teachers, parents, students, principals, canteens and parent organisations. Their website offers a range of classroom resources for teachers.

Lunch Box Blitz has a range of resources for teachers and parents to promote healthy lunch boxes. There are tip sheets, posters, lesson plans and activity cards.

The Good Habits for Life website has a range of resources for parents about healthy lunchboxes, smart shopping and meal planning.