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For parents

A message to parents about Fresh Tastes

Around one quarter of Canberra’s kids are overweight or obese - it’s a worrying fact. As well as not being active enough, today’s kids aren’t eating enough nutritious food, and they’re drinking more sugary drinks than ever before.  

The ACT Government is working with the community to change things for the better. That’s where Fresh Tastes helps! We’re supporting ACT primary schools to make healthy food and drinks a bigger part of everyday life for students. Most Canberra schools are involved in Fresh Tastes and making a real difference.

Watch this video to learn how Fresh Tastes can support your child's school.

Your little experts

If your child attends a school involved in Fresh Tastes, they might be learning about healthy eating, waste-free lunchboxes, and doing cooking and growing activities with fresh food. Evidence tells us that if kids are exposed to this learning early on they can take this through as they become adults.

See what some of Canberra’s kids really think about these topics in our series of short videos. While you’re there, have a giggle…we think you’ll love what the kids have to say! It goes to show that kids really are the little experts and they could teach us adults a thing or two.

To find out more about what your child is learning at school and to continue the learning at home, check out the topics below.  You’ll find a range of useful resources to help us keep up with our little experts! 

Is your child's school involved?

Have a look at this list of schools to see if your child's school is already involved in Fresh Tastes. If you’d like your school to get involved, speak to school staff or contact us.