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Food from Home: Making lunchboxes healthier

The Food from Home action area is about supporting and encouraging families and children to pack healthy school lunchboxes.

Food from Home has a focus on preschool and kindergarten as this is when lunchbox habits first form, however, many of the resources and activities can be used with older primary school kids too. Food from Home has been designed to work with the Classroom Learning action area.

At Isabella Plains Early Childhood School, parents are teaching other parents about healthy lunchboxes.

It’s important to note that families like to play a part in choosing what goes into their kids’ lunchboxes – it’s not a teacher’s role to police the contents of lunchboxes.

A culture of healthier lunchboxes can be developed through education, support, encouragement, modelling and guidelines.

The Food from Home action area


  • TQI accredited professional development for preschool and early years educators
  • Educator resources about waste-free healthy lunchboxes
  • Parent resources and support on healthy lunchboxes
  • Introduction to healthy eating concepts in preschool and kindergarten


  • Preschool educator resources are mapped to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Schools can help shape attitudes, knowledge and behaviours of families by supporting a healthy food and drink culture

Your Fresh Tastes school can access support, resources and discounts provided by our partners. You’ll find more information in the Fresh Tastes Action Planning Guides that are provided to participating schools. If your school isn’t yet involved in Fresh Tastes, contact us today.

We’ve put together some success stories about how some of our Fresh Tastes schools have approached this action area with great results.

Lunchbox tips and resources

You'll find some helpful tips on what to include in your kid’s lunchboxes along with other ideas and recipes. Fresh Tastes schools can also access school newsletter articles from the Members Only section to point parents in the right direction for lunchbox ideas and tips.

Food&ME Preschool 

The Food&ME™ Preschool resource is available for educators to download. Book in for professional learning to get familiar with the resource and learn how to teach healthy eating concepts to preschool aged children.