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Growing Food – Classroom ideas

                 Boy smiling with sunflowers

Getting out in the garden and learning how to grow food can make healthy choices a lot of fun for students. But just like the food you’re growing, your lessons need to be fresh!

  • Wherever possible, use food grown at school in hands-on cooking classes and in the school canteen
  • Visit other school or community gardens to be inspired and learn from their experiences
  • Make the most of your school community by finding people with gardening skills, equipment and materials
  • Encourage families to grow food at home by sending seedlings home with students
  • Sell the garden produce at school pick-up or drop-off time to raise funds to put back into Fresh Tastes activities in your school
  • Make the garden an exciting space by encouraging students and the community to create artworks and decorations
  • Seek out school fundraising activities where students can sell vegetable or plant growing kits
  • Many schools find the garden is a great place for children who are disengaged and some schools open gardens at break times for students to help out
  • If you have a composting system for waste, it will help the garden thrive
  • Consider safety in the garden and make sure everyone has gloves, hats and sunscreen
  • Link with a local high school that has Horticulture as a subject

Read about some of the growing food success stories from a few of our Fresh Tastes schools for even more ideas!