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Kids at schools involved in Fresh Tastes might be learning about environmental sustainability and packing a healthy waste-free lunchbox. Their school might be focusing on the Food From Home action area of Fresh Tastes where they’ll be encouraging healthier ‘nude’ food lunches and having fun school competitions to reduce the amount of waste in lunchboxes.

To find out more about what your child is learning at school and to continue the learning at home, check out the videos and useful resources below!

Your little experts say swap packaged for fresh!

Your little experts like to pack their own lunchboxes!


Useful resources for home

The following flyers and websites have lots of ideas for packing a healthy, waste-free lunchbox:

Grab 'n Go School Lunchbox Shopping List

Grab 'n Go Sports

My Healthy Lunchbox Flyer

Waste-free Lunchbox Poster (Actsmart Schools)

ACT Health Tuckatalk Factsheets

NSW Health | Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids Association

Nutrition Australia | Healthy Lunchbox Week 20-26 January 2019

Fresh for Kids

Lunchbox blitz

Smash® Nude Food Movers

Cancer Council Healthy Lunchbox Builder

Ideas for getting involved at school

  • Get together with other parents and compile a cookbook with simple, healthy recipes and ideas for children’s lunchboxes.

  • Keep an eye out for any parent workshops the school is running and go along to learn some new ideas.

  • Help your child participate in any waste-free lunch days at school by packing as little waste as possible into their lunchbox. Some tips to achieve this include using compartment lunchboxes or small reusable containers, packing a reusable drink bottle, choosing items ‘wrapped’ in their own skin like bananas or mandarins and using beeswax cloth to wrap food instead of cling wrap. 

  • Try swapping one packet food in the lunchbox for a fresh, healthy option each week. Always include a vegetable in the lunchbox. See links above for ideas.