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Keeping active play safe

It’s obviously very important that all physical activity is conducted safely – it’s about finding the best ways to minimise risk of injury or accident.

  • Make sure children are engaged in tasks and activities that match their skills and abilities

  • Ensure there is plenty of room for activities

  • Encourage parents to dress their children in appropriate clothing and footwear

  • Always have adults supervising all activities

We’ve compiled a few simple tips that will help you keep the kids safe during indoor and outdoor physical activity.

  • Maintain and regularly check all equipment and resources to ensure that they’re not a hazard to children. You’ll find more information about the safety of playground equipment at the Kids Health website.

  • Ensure that all fixed playground equipment meets the current Australian Standards for Playgrounds and is age and ability appropriate. It’s important to consider the layout of the equipment and take precautions to avoid injuries to children, such as trip hazards, protruding objects and inappropriate surfacing beneath equipment.

  • Use the Cancer Council’s SunSmart guidelines when children are playing outdoors

  • Encourage children to drink plenty of water when they’re being active