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Useful resources

Classroom Learning

The classroom is a powerful means of helping students understand the importance of making healthy food and drink choices in their lives. That’s why we’ve put together this list of links and resources – they’re great support for teaching nutrition to students in the classroom.

Food&ME™:  Food&ME is a series of evidence-based nutrition education units mapped to the Australian Curriculum and aligned with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013).

Australian Dietary Guidelines:  On this website, Eat for Health, you’ll find the official guidelines around the amount and kinds of foods we need to eat for health and wellbeing. 

Healthier. Happier.  Queensland Health’s Healthier, Happier website includes a wide range of recipes, interactive tools and information 

Healthy Kids Association NSW:This website has links to a number of classroom resources to promote healthy eating.

Healthy Kids Eat Well - Get Active NSW: This joint initiative of the NSW Government and the Heart Foundation (NSW) brings together a range of classroom tools and suggestions to teach children how to be active and eat well.

Nutrition Australia:  This website offers a great range of fact sheets and recipes to help schools promote children’s health.

Traffic Light SystemThe National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines traffic light system identifies foods as either green, amber or red, depending on their nutritional value, energy density and levels of saturated fat, added sugar, salt and fibre. This site has information about the traffic light system to help with setting menus and taking other steps towards an overall healthier school canteen. 

Refresh.ED:  This WA Department of Health online resource is designed to help teachers introduce food and nutrition in the classroom. The site includes classroom teaching materials as well as professional learning materials to enhance the teacher’s knowledge and confidence when teaching nutrition.

The Food Smart Schools program provides resources and services for teachers, parents, students, principals, canteens and parent organisations. Their website offers a range of classroom resources for teachers.

Some worthwhile international websites

Some of the information found on any of the international websites listed below may differ from the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Curriculum. However, these sites provide a range of resources which may still be useful to schools.

You can apply the traffic light system in the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines to make informed decisions about recipes and activities appropriate for your school setting.

The Edible School Yard: This United States project allows you to select the type of lesson, curriculum area and year level. It then searches a database to come up with lesson plans submitted by real working teachers. 

Nourish Interactive: This is a website from the United States which offers advice for running cooking classes at school, with plenty of lesson plans, recipes and ideas.

Children’s Food Trust UK: This is a UK website providing plenty of information and resources