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Classroom Learning: A healthy approach to teaching

If you are a teacher, we think you’ll find the Classroom Learning action area useful because it provides plenty of information to deliver nutrition education to your students.

We know for a fact that healthy kids are more likely to be engaged in their learning, achieve success and attend school.

When they learn about good nutrition from an early age, it makes a lasting contribution to good health throughout life.

Kids who eat well are more likely to be engaged in their learning, achieve success and attend school.

 The Classroom Learning action area


  • Teacher professional development
  • Curriculum resources
  • Student learning


Your Fresh Tastes school can access support, resources and discounts provided by our partners. You’ll find more information in the Fresh Tastes Action Planning Guides provided to participating schools. If your school isn’t yet involved in Fresh Tastes, contact us today.  We’ve put together some success stories about how some of our Fresh Tastes schools have approached this action area and achieved great results!

About Food&ME™

Food&ME is a nutrition-focused education resource that helps schools to deliver the Classroom Learning action area of Fresh Tastes – it’s practical, convenient and ready for the classroom.

This resource uses a series of evidence-based nutrition education units linked to parts of the Australian Curriculum, and it aligns with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013). The units have been developed by Nutrition Australia ACT in consultation with teachers from ACT schools and ACT Health.

More nutrition education activities

On this page you’ll find classroom ideas and links to useful websites and resources offering nutrition education activities.