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Active Streets

Active Streets is an extension of Ride or Walk to School to make the environment around schools safer to ride, walk, scooter or skate to and from school. 

Cycling, walking, scooting or skating are simple ways to incorporate physical activity into everyday lives and daily journeys to and from school. Physically active children are healthier, happier and more socially connected than children who have more sedentary lifestyles. 

Active Streets is being piloted in four Belconnen schools to trial changes to existing roads and footpaths and provide information to families. Active Streets will be rolled out to 25 additional schools between 2017 and 2018

School route maps, Part Way OK drop off points and pavement stencils map out easy walking routes that are a short distance from the school in the pilot areas – look out for these if you live in Macquarie, Macgregor, Latham or Melba.

Getting more children riding and walking to school will make the morning commute easier not having to face the congestion at the front gate.  

happy kids riding bicycles

Refresh Your Routine

When you are busy it can be hard to make changes to routines. Try to work out a schedule together to incorporate riding or walking to school. Maybe just try walking or riding to or from school for a few days first… 

Here are some other tips on how you can refresh your routine:

  • Start small – you don’t have to walk or ride the whole way and not every day
  • Walk or ride with friends or family – meet them on the way
  • Catching the bus with friends
  • Try preparing lunch and packing school bags the night before
  • Check out the route maps - plot your route or use Google...
  • Maybe find a suitable drop off point and have a few practice runs
  • Look out for the Active Streets icons on the paths near school – these tell you how far and how long you have until you reach school
  • Before you ride, check over your bike to make sure it’s safe, have a helmet that fits properly and maybe look into basic bike maintenance tips – just in case
  • Work out what your children can do if their bike gets a puncture or something else - will they call someone or will they lock their bike up and walk?

Talk to your kids about travelling safely:

  • Be careful around driveways and watch out for reversing cars 
  • Don’t use headphones
  • Stop, look and listen before you cross the road
  • Use crossings and always check for cars, they may not always stop
  • Don’t speak to people you don’t know
  • Wear your helmet when riding your bike or scooter
  • Call 000 in an emergency

For more safety tips go to